Part Number: 22-40959

Switch,Pressure 25PSI N.O./ N.C. 10A Contacts 1/8NPT (Classed Applications)

item weight .10 lbs


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Part NumberDescription
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22-40953 Switch,Temperature 240F N.O./ N.C. isolated Ground 3/8NPT (Classed Applications)
22-40957 Switch,Pressure 9PSI N.O./ N.C. Isolated Ground 1/8NPT (Classed Applications)
24-21000 Air Filter 8"OD X 8-3/4" (10-3/4"LOA)- 4-1/8"OD X 2" Outlet
22-40964 Switch,Pressure 15PSI N.O./ N.C. 1/8NPT 10A Contacts (Classed Applications)
22-40973 Switch,Temperature 205F N.O./ N.C. Isolated Ground 3/8NPT 3ea #8-32 Terminals (Classed Applications)
35-11000 Thermostat 180F / 82C 52mm OD S/S (Rubber Poppet Seat)
35-11007 Thermostat 190F / 88C 52mm OD S/S (Rubber Poppet Seat)
22-40986 Switch,Temperature 215F N.O./ N.C. Isolated Ground 1/2NPT (Classed Applications)
25-15704 Impeller Kit with Cover O-Ring Seal
24-20016 Element, Crankase Breather Filter (High restriction, High density ) CCV4500